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National, state and local boating reports and coastal fishing weather forecasts.

Remember boating weather forecasts are only a guide, in other words the B.O.M.s bestest guess, so don't rely on it 100%. If the forecast is for light winds and you wake on the morning of your trip to 25 knots and rain then take what you see as fact and cancel. There's always another day for those of us that don't become statistics.

National Weather Map


New South Wales



South Australia


Coastal Weather Observations

West Australia

Northern Territory -


Australian Weather Watch Radar Network

This page forms part of the Bureau of Meteorology's weather network and can be very useful for late planning for fishing and boating trips. Areas of rain and storms and their direction can be easily seen and with a little experience predictions made whether it will impact your trip. National Weather Radar


The above information is supplied by Australian Bureau of Meteorology


Seabreeze - I like to incorporate forecasts from this site into my considerations when trying to predict the weather for myself. It offers a visual of expected wind strengths and directions for 7 days for most areas.