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Online Fishing Tackle Stores

Online tackle websites have become popular as time has rolled on, often offering prices well below those which are available from established brick and mortar businesses. High volume and pretty much no sales staff means overheads are kept low. Combine this with small margins and it makes it difficult to resist buying fishing tackle online.

There are several catches you must be aware of however and the two biggest of these are exchange rates and postage packing and insurance costs.

Exchange rates are the differences in values between the currencies of different countries. You must be aware that if you are purchasing from a US tackle supplier that there site will almost certainly be showing prices in US dollars. If the exchange rate is one Australian dollar (AU$) = seventy American cents (US$0.70) then a US$140 reel is going to cost you $200 Australian (plus postage). These rate can vary dramatically over time and recent movements have seen the aussie move between a range of near parity (US$1 = AU$1) with the American dollar to as low as 60cents. Such low values in the dollar have seen the cost of imported fishing tackle rise dramatically locally as well as from online fishing tackle stores.

Postage, packing, handling and insurance is sometimes another hidden cost that can bring online 
prices back to the pack. For lower cost or individual products postage can make them much more 
expensive to buy as a simple $5 lure attracts perhaps a base $10 postage charge. The way around this is to buy in bulk, share a joint purchase with a friend or wait till such time as you have multiple item that you need.

Another consideration with online tackle stores is delivery times. Speed can be bought as at premium but the prices can be restrictive, with urgent purchases often cheaper from your local tackle store.

Unfortunately having traveled half way around the world some products will ultimately be damaged during transport requiring return postage and further waiting times for replacements to arrive. This can sometimes be the trade off for the cheaper prices.

Yet another area to be aware of is buying tackle online from the auction sites such as Ebay. On the whole most auctions are on the level and their descriptions accurate, however there are exceptions and when you find them it is usually an expensive lesson learned. Fakes, undelivered goods, fraud etc can cause way more headaches than the potential savings were worth. When buying tackle on line from auctions it is always a case of let the buyer beware.

Well those are the major pitfalls with tackle sites now we best bring a little bit of balance and 
let you in on all of the good parts of shopping for fishing tackle on line. Now walk this way and 
don't forget your credit card you are probably going to need it.

You already have a pretty good idea that price is the number reason for shopping at online tackle 
shops but we won't start there. Instead did someone mention range?

You are now shopping the world! Prepare to laugh at the 5 colour and 4 size range that your local tackle shop keeps on hand of Berkley gulps. Instead lets slip over to the United States and pick from the 31 colours and 9 sizes available plus patterns you have never seen before. You once fished a jackal painted pink with purple and blue that caught huge fish till you lost and have never been able to find one since? Look at this little site based in Okinawa, lure look familiar?

If a piece of tackle is made anywhere in the world it is probably available online for sale and some of what you see will have your eyes bulging. 30cm long soft/hard combination plastics that look like real fish but come at hot prices. Bulk options of squid in scented juices that are deadly on snapper for an average 20 cents each where you usually pay up to one dollar each. The hardest part is all of the window shopping you have to do looking at all of the latest catalogues before you choose.

Finally price. It is very hard for brick and mortar business to pay wages, rates and mortgages and 
compete with someone that has high exposure. No doubt they do an excellent job but in the end if you shop around then you will eventually find a lower everyday price for tackle online. Keep in mind the additional cost of postage when working out your prices and don't be put of by the odd hiccup and your online tackle buying experience will be all good.

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