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Fishing Tackle Bait and Equipment Options

Some of the best fishing tackle available is coming to our shores with a huge range of quality discount tackle brands such as Shakespeare, Daiwa, Okuma, Penn, Shimano, Berkley, Tica and more joining old favorites such as Alvey. Once a backwater which attracted only the overflow meant for other countries our tackle needs are now happily filled by any number of international tackle players.

High end US, British and Japanese tackle is now common place with this equipment being put through its paces on monster amberjack, dogtooth tuna and reef seeking giant trevally. Smoking drags and smashing indestructible tackle has become a common passtime for some charter skippers and their customers as they test new gear.

For the rest of us with beer budgets we are now well catered for as well. From adequately cheap tackle available from chain stores to much better quality fair from tackle shops there are outfits to suit every taste whether your target is bass, bream or barramundi.

With so many tackle choices now available the big decision is on what quality you want to suit your budget. Making individual purchases to buy the latest and greatest piece of tackle is not something that I would recommend. Instead go for a good balanced combo. Deep breath......warning long explanation ahead!

You have heard the saying "a chain is as strong as its weakest link"? Well fishing tackle should be put together with that in mind. The twist is we decide where that weakest link is going to be because we will build it into our fishing outfit.

The smartest place to have your weak point is the drag. Makes sense doesn't it. Then why I ask do people 30lb (15kg) braid on 2 to 4kg gear and scream when their rod breaks or complain about fine wire hooks pulling straight.

Fishing rod should be matched to fishing reel and fishing line with consideration for hooks used so that before anything bends or breaks the drag moves and releases line. Even locking up on matched line should only result in either the hook bending or line breaking not the more expensive rod or reel. Always consider you high price tackle first and if there has to be a part of your gear sacrificed it should be the cheapest.

As we speak tackle prices are rising due to the falling Australian dollar causing imported fishing tackle to be much more expensive. So what do we do? Well if you have never owned or used an Alvey I would give them a run and see what you think because being made in Australia the fall in the dollar makes no difference. Otherwise pick up any specials on run outs or bite the bullet and get what you need at the new prices. Anything has to be better than eating Mekong River catfish.

Bait and Tackle Options

There is a world of tackle available to us today and what we can't get at one store can usually be ordered in quickly. Competition has seen the demise of many smaller bait and tackles with the rise of large chains offering discount tackle and online sales. Along with this comes almost every service station within distance of the water offering bait and the fate of any surviving mum and dad operation seems certain.

Unfortunately with the passing of the local bait and tackle goes the knowledge which they gave so freely for those few extra bucks they charged. Just getting a response from some of the glassy eyed chain store operators about where the fish are biting and what fishing gear they recommend. You will probably get the report that was posted up on your states local fishing forum or the recommendation that you use what Starlo uses because if he uses it must be good.

Yes of those that you can get a word out few actually know what they are taking about. Some may have the answers but they have been told them and have no real idea why that is the answer. It is the way of the world I suppose. The world has become a case of buy low sell high then whinge about after sales service or poor quality for the pittance paid.

I suppose there is no reason why bait or tackle should be any different. If servos can sell poor 
quality bait and people line up to buy it why should they sell anything else if it is making them a 
good profit.

The picture I have painted is bleak however like everything if you vote with your feet people or 
more particularly businesses pay attention. If you can't get advice go elsewhere. Try your local 
tackle shop and tell them these are the product you are looking at can they advise you and match the chains price. In most cases they will and if you ask a bit more they will probably tell you how to fish your tackle to its best and maybe even where.

Sometimes buying from the cheapest place can be false economy if you are catching no fish when for a couple of dollars more you might have been put onto a hot bite with some info from a local 

Even the bait from your local B&T is usually a lot better because they won't accept poor quality. 
These guys are using the same stuff to fish themselves and know what will catch fish and what won't so you can be sure it is better than the freezer burned fare they are offering up.

If you are just going fishing to watch the water and get a bit of sun then keep doing what you are 
doing, what you are using for bait and tackle isn't important to you. However if catching something a bit decent every once and a while is on your to do list then give my bait and tackle options a little bit more thought.

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