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Shimano Fishing reels

In the 1920's Shimano founder declared he would aim to make their products the best in the world and some would argue he did just that with Shimanos range of fishing reels. While Shimano fishing tackle arm also builds rods, jigs, and a plethora of accessories their best work is without doubt in the fishing reel department. Shimanos range of bait casting, conventional and spinning reels all hold pride of place in many a tackle junkies homes. On the beach, from boats, shore and in almost any fishing application you would care to mention Shimano fishing reels will be used and catch their fair share of fish. From targeting extreme sports fish to somewhat more mundane species such as bream, bass and barramundi Shimano has a reel that will suit your needs.

Shimano's Stella is considered by many to be the best heavy duty spinning reel in the world and while the price tag reflects the quality that goes into building these babies they remain little more than a dream for many of us. There are however many more affordable models of reel that will give a good account of themselves in most any fishing situation we would wish to envisage. Offshore reels such as the Saragosa has accounted for many a monster from the deep. The Spheros renowned for its toughness and lighter Thunnus will also give a great account of themselves in wild outside waters.

Perhaps one of the best known of the Shimano fleet is the tried and tested Stradic. Available in several various specifications some of which have run into minor problems over time the Stradic has done more than enough to have gained a good reputation as an affordable, reliable fish catching machine. In its various sizes it will throw a range of soft plastics well, toss metals for pelagic and stop big snapper and reefies that try to put it to the test.

Historically the Shimano bait runners were considered the class leaders for this style of reel. While they are still at the cutting edge they have been strongly challenged by a number of other manufacturers and I recommend you do some strong comparison work before you buy your next one.

With Daiwa, Shimano hold down the big 2 positions in the reel market and in the short term at least those positions seem very much assured. Long warranties, fixed fast servicing, great support and a good range of decent reel at most every price point make Shimano fishing reels worth looking at if you are in the market for a new reel.

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