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Fishing reel recommendations by fish size and species

Bait fishing reels are often heavier and mounted on heavier rods as it is a more sedate activity when compared to casting lures. Heavier for the most part equates to more strongly built and cheaper reels well suited to both beginners and experienced fishermen. The variations can be for float lining, dead baiting, live baiting, trolling and can vary from those capable of tossing a small piece of prawn to a to a pilchard to a large live bonito.

Bait fishing for fish 500gm and under
Whiting, garfish, bream, flathead
Nothing too special required in a fishing reel here, this is fun bread and butter fishing at its best. Some of our smallest species are also the tastiest and well worth chasing if you feel the need for a feed of fish. The only likely stresses to be put on the reel is from stray rays or sharks that take a liking to a bait.

Bait fishing for fish 1kg and under
Bigger bream and flathead, tailor, salmon, dart and snapper
Whether you fish from boat beach or shore is going to push you more toward certain reels than others in this category. Alternatives include the use of extra spools to fish lighter or heavier with the same reel.

Bait fishing for fish 2.5kg and under
Bigger tailor, salmon and snapper, bonito, mackerel, school jew
Certain fish in this size range know how to fight and some fight dirty. A good drag and reel capable of handling a little stress is a good option.

Bait fishing for fish 5kg and under
Large tailor and salmon, bigger snapper, mangrove jack, small tuna, bigger mackerel, jew
These are on the wish list of a lot of inshore anglers and fish this size will start to test anglers and their gear.

Bait fishing for fish 10kg and under
Spanish mackerel, tuna, sharks, big snapper, mulloway, kings, reef species, coral trout
A lot of these species are offshore targets and require a step up in gear to handle them. Stopping yourself from getting bricked and ensuring your reels drag is up to the task should be your focus with most of these guys.

Bait fishing for fish 25kg and under
Red emporer, bigger sharks, bigger spanish, longtail tuna, GT's
As well as needing a pretty decent reel to handle this bunch of brutes, a little time in the gym to condition yourself for the ensuing fights is recommended. These bad boys in the 20kg range aren't going to give up quickly and will fight you for every inch of line.

Bait fishing for fish over 25kg
Most game species small marlin, sailfish, tuna, amberjack, GT's, big sharks
The choices start to reduce very quickly once we get up into this category. Below 50kg and not sunsetting gear there are still a few good value choices but after that high end gear becomes almost essential if you don't want it to end in tears.


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