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Fishing Wellington Point

Wello is nicely placed where it can be fished rather easily from any number of boat ramps. Wynnum and Manly to the north, Wellington Point, Cleveland to the south give you options where you can have a short ride home with the swell home if the wind picks up a little more than expected. Add to that a good mix of quality snapper, grassy sweetlip, cod and assorted others throughout the year and it is surprising this area isn't even more heavily fished. Depth is often a factor with Wello and finding where the fish are feeding can go against accepted norms. While I prefer night again, day time with plastics and hard bodies will yeild results as will bait.

Wellington Point

Moving around is recommended here as the broken reef areas cover a huge area down as far as Cleveland and almost over to Peel. The deeper trenches hold some surprises as do the shallows once you start to get your timing right with times of the tides and drift patterns in different winds.