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Moreton Bay


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Fishing Peel Island

A popular boating destination its fishing can be hot and cold at times. Being a bait fisherman I prefer night time for this area but plastics around the houseboat and and northern sectors will produce results. Horse shoe bay is the alternate mooring area for hundreds of large and small boats every fine weekend but isn't a good choice for fishing with a primarily sand bottom. Lazeret gutter is better fishing area come mooring in any breeze except for a strong northerly with quality snapper showing up if the area isn't too noisy.

Peel Island

Grass Sweetlip, moses perch, parrot, tuskies, bream and tailor are your likely suspects fishing the bottom, while school and spotty mackerel, mack and longtail tuna sitting up in the water column. Add to this some very large sharks and the chance of a stray jew or yellowtail kingy and you have a decent fishing spot with some potential for some great the one that got away stories.