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Fishing Mud Island

I used to love fishing Mud island in the 80's, however times have changed and with car parks forming on the eastern side on any calm day I prefer to leave this area to others fight over. Snapper are the main prey here, however being a junction area you a huge assortment of species coming through including pelagics. Very shallow areas can hold large bream while snaps are best chsed in the 5 to 11 metre zones.

This island was heavily dredged however is oone of the most consistent of the bay islands for both quality and quantity of snapper. Mack and longtail tuna with hunt bait fish around the island in the deeper areas to the north and south at times accompanied by school and spotty mackerel. Tailor and grassy sweetlip also frequent this island throughout most of the year.

Mud Island

As you can see the eastern "scaring" is a reasonably extensive reef area whihc can't be missed most days with all the boats around it. The north east, west and to a lesser extent the close in areas of the saoth can also produce pan sized fish.

Dusk, dawn and night are the prime times for this area although the deeper areas can fish well on plastics throughout the day although without too much consistancy. Keep it simple with baits of pilchards, mullet, herring, and squid on lightly weighted hooks to suit your bait and as light a line as you can. 4 to 6kg is perfect in my opinion, any heavier and the bite rate drops off, any heavier and you start to lose any good fish.