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Fishing Green Island

Green Island is what I classify as a it's hot or not fishing spot. At certain times of the year runs of quality snapper can be caught on lightly weighted baits at night and plastics during the day. Additionally sweetlip, tailor, bream, and cod also like to call this place home. The 5 to 6 metre lines are the most popular, however going out as deep as 8 metres can at times find much better quality however in much smaller numbers.

Green Island

The eastern side of Green (right hand side here) is the most fertile with good areas of live reef from around 5 metres meeting sand as it shallows and deepens.

Whilst a big variety of fish including rare exotics such as red emporer and coral trout are caught here at times it is an area where you should consider yourself having done well to get a feed unless you know its nuances. If you can find bait you are on your way and fishing similar to what is about will help even more. Runs of hardiheads, whitebait, squid herring, small pike and other bait fish attract larger species to the area at different times of the year.

In addition stray spanish mackerel, tuna and sharks can wander past Green Island at times particularly durinf summer when then warm bring in big schools of baits.