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Moreton Bay Fishing Classic

Moreton Bay Fishing Classic 2010 Results

What superlatives do you use to describe the 2010 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic? It was bigger, better and even more fun than last year with new ideas already being discussed to make it even better next year.

The inclusion of a weigh in venue at the Little Ship Club on Stradbroke Island was a huge hit even if there were some minor teething problems. However like having sand between your toes on your toes on the beach we soon got over it and enjoyed the top class efforts of the Little Ship club an MBTBC that kept us informed and entertained over the week.

Little Ship Club - Stradbroke Island
little ship club

junior winnersThis year was to have an even stronger family focus and the new juniors section was hotly contested. The juniors really stepped up and landed fish a lot of seniors would have been happy to have caught. Dominic Bahr took out the flathead, Kelsey Smith took out the bream, and Luke Mottley had the winning whiting. Congratulations!










Once again all fish categories were hard to win with 1kg+ whiting, 2kg+ bream, 8kg sweetlip, 21kg jew and 33kg cobia hitting the scales. Some of these fish could take out almost any fishing competition in the country and it is a credit to the quality of the fisher men and women competing in this comp. These results came on weather that on face value was good, but challenging depending on your fishing style. A rising swell made nights on the beach interesting while westerlies made conditions a little lumpy for those wanting to go wide. While these conditions meant numbers were down on the average, the quality was there for those willing to put in the big ones.

overall fishing winners

A fairly popular choice for classic catch was a stunning 21kg Mulloway that had a few mesmerized anglers sweating profusely with jew fever. This is the sort of fish you cant keep in a tank and among the several trophy fish competing for the top honour this great fish was probably the one most people would have loved to have caught themselves.

As usual the winners of the big prizes were suitably elated. I guess winning a car or boat has that effect on most people and these guys were no exception. So that was 2010, all that is left to say is roll on 2011.


Final Results for the 2010 Moreton Bay Classic

Tailor 3.636 kg Pelagic 19.000 kg
Bream 2.156 kg Snapper 9.525 kg
Tarwhine 1.128 kg Sweetlip 8.305 kg
Whiting 1.074 kg Parrot 3.254 kg
Flathead 3.318 kg Pearl Perch 4.156 kg
Swallowtail 0.770 kg Cobia 33.350 kg
Jewfish 21.450 kg Classic Catch Jewfish