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Moreton Bay Fishing Classic 2009 Results

Well, the inaugural 2009 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic has been run and won, and what a cracker of an event it was. The organizing committee should be commended for putting on such a great opening event.

From a competitors perspective this was a great event to have been a part of and my group were already planning for next years competition before the final night ended. There was a professional and seasoned team behind this event and it showed as for all intents and purposes everything appeared to go off with out a hitch.

The competitors participated in a great manner with good humor and plenty of fun had by all. It was also great to enjoy the outstanding entertainment supplied by some great local bands.

I guess made all the easier by not having to perform to ridiculous restrictions that were demanded by interference running locals that tried to ruin the event at the previous venue.

As the 2009 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic unfolded,

Day 1 dawned beautifully till around 7am when the forecast southerly change swept through putting most fishermen on the back foot. Not surprisingly with the trying conditions the quality on many species weighed on the first day was average. The outstanding exception was the quality cobia of 30kg that hit the scales.

Day 2. Average early conditions started to come good by mid afternoon with the bar being lifted on several species along with the eventual outright dart winner being weighed in.

Day 3 and the gloves came off as an outstandingly beautiful and calm winters morning beckoned one and all to wet a line in pursuit of their favorite species. Hard to catch species were found and new highs reached as competition heated up with the very favorable conditions.

Day 4 was more of the same with top conditions allowing a few upgrades in some under performing fish categories.

Final Day saw the tailor lifted to a very respectable 4kg+ which was dwarfed by the animal 42kg+ cobia sitting in the same display case. This black "monster from the deep" kingfish eventually taking out the classic catch to no ones surprise.

As they say winners are grinners and there were smiles all around as the winners, runners up and 3rd place getters of each species division collected their cheques and were photographed for posterity. Unfortunately a small storm put in an appearance but barely bothered anyone as with perfect timing it passed before the final draw commenced. 36 of the final 40 were whittled away, each winning a commemorative cap, jumper and fishing rod for their troubles, till only the final 4 major prize getters remained. Then the holiday winner went, followed by the crowd favorite and winner of the kayak, next the winner of the awesome Cruise Craft Explorer till the first prize winner of the Suzuki Grand Vitara was announced. Was he happy?

So there you have it. If you love your fishing and enjoy good hearted competition then my suggestion is to pencil the 2010 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic in for Ekka time next year. It will only be bigger and better than it was this year. In fact I am certain this will easily become the biggest and best fishing competition in Queensland if not Australia in the next few years. See you there.

Final Results for the 2009 Moreton Bay Classic

Tailor 4.358 kg Pelagic 10.460 kg
Bream 1.432 kg Snapper 8.855 kg
Tarwhine 1.062 kg Sweetlip 7.990 kg
Whiting 0.970 kg Parrot 2.532 kg
Flathead 3.448 kg Pearl Perch 3.474 kg
Swallowtail 0.834 kg Cobia 42.15 kg
Jewfish 14.800 kg Classic Catch Cobia