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Moreton Bay Fishing Classic

Moreton Bay Fishing Classic

The defunct straddie classic has risen from the ashes to be reincarnated as the Moreton Bay Fishing Classic. Run under almost identical terms and conditions as the original, the glaring difference comes with a change of venue. It will now be held at and run by the Moreton Bay Trailer Boat Club at Manly Boat Harbour.

Sporting new major sponsorships from Suzuki and Suncorp along with long standing sponsors such as VB and local icons Cruise Craft the event looks to have secured its future from the get go. Support also is coming from many other boating and fishing entities such as BCF, Wilson Tackle, Hummingbird and many others. In the current financial environment this speaks volumes for the confidence these groups must have in the organizers and the future of this new event.

This is a truly family friendly event with activities and opportunities to win cash and prizes for every competitor regardless of whether they fish or not. There is the popular fishing day for children, 14 senior fish categories with individual category prizes up to $2000, and the major draws which offer the chance to win a car and boat even if you don't like fishing.

As with all of these events there is the chance to participate in whatever manner you desire. Go hard and fish every day, pace yourself, sit back and watch what others bring in to the weigh ins after a day of enjoying the sun and bay on a beautiful sunny Queensland day or just turn up for the night time draws to get into what must be one of the most lucrative cash and prize offerings around.

There is an incredible diversity in the fish species categories, with opportunities available to pull the winners from rivers, the bay, offshore and the beach. Bread and butter species from whiting, bream and flathead to blue water species such as spanish mackerel and amberjack(pelagics) and pearl perch give people the chance to win whether they fish land based or from a boat. Daily prizes are also up for grabs with heaviest weighed fish of each species for the day winning a fishing rod suited to that species.

The inaugural Moreton Bay Fishing Classic will run from 7th August to the 12th of August 2009. With cash and prizes of over $200 000 this is a must do event that you will not want to miss.

2010 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic

2009 Moreton Bay Fishing Classic Round Up