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MBMP Artificial Reefs and GPS marks

The Moreton Bay Marine Park artificial reefs have finally been completed. They vary significantly in composition, with the hull of a 24m ex tuna boat, rocks, pipes, reef balls, fish caves and fish box clusters making up the materials from which they are made. Once again we have grouped together the GPS coordinates to make everyone's life that much easier. These sites should improve over time as they develop natural growth and become much more attractive to fish.

The following positions are collated from the DERM website who have as usual used GDA coordinates. From there we have weaved our usual magic and assumed a WGS84 datum which makes for approximately a half metre error, significantly less than the error of most widely available GPS units. You can manually take individual points or download the .gdb file. This file can be used in Mapsource to upload the GPS points directly to any Garmin GPS via usb.

Artificial Reef Development Areas

Harry Atkinson Artificial Reef

27 24.029' S 153 18.642'E
27 24.257' S 153 18.928'E
27 24.553' S 153 18.048'E
27 24.794' S 153 18.405'E

Objects and Coordinates

Tiwi Pearl
27 24.532' S 153 18.304'E

Quarry Rocks
27 24.350' S 153 18.675'E

27 24.262' S 153 18.704'E
27 24.404' S 153 18.386'E
27 24.537' S 153 18.527'E
27 24.604' S 153 18.411'E

West Peel Artificial Reef

Reef ball clusters
27 29.880'S 153 18.725'E
27 29.921'S 153 18.849'E
27 30.002'S 153 18.715'E
27 29.997'S 153 18.890'E
27 30.075'S 153 18.802'E
27 30.117'S 153 18.702'E
27 30.185'S 153 18.867'E
27 30.232'S 153 18.800'E
27 30.275'S 153 18.700'E
27 30.276'S 153 18.855'E
27 30.350'S 153 18.772'E


East Coochie Artificial Reef

Reef Ball Clusters
27 34.106'S 153 21.094'E
27 34.143'S 153 21.040'E
27 34.159'S 153 21.117'E
27 34.208'S 153 21.072'E
27 34.222'S 153 21.005'E
27 34.273'S 153 20.961'E
27 34.283'S 153 21.036'E

North Moreton Artificial Reef

Fish box clusters
26 58.953'S 153 23.594'E
26 59.104'S 153 24.165'E
26 59.390'S 153 24.051'E

Wild Banks Artificial Reef

Fish caves
26 54.238'S 153 17.290'E
26 54.530'S 153 17.463'E
26 54.678'S 153 17.829'E

South Stradbroke Artificial Reef

Fish box clusters
27 52.416'S 153 27.334'E
27 52.784'S 153 27.316'E
27 53.141'S 153 27.400'E
27 53.279'S 153 27.588'E

There are also 6 FAD's surrounding the most northerly two marks. No marks available.

Get the full .gdb file suitable for Garmin GPS units via Mapsource Click Here to Download