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surf caught bream

silver bream

Tasty Bream

Freshly caught bream from the surf have a clean silver appearance and taste exceptionally good when cooked simply.

deep gutter

Bream Territory

A shallow bank washed by waves washes small fish worms and molluscs into the waiting mouths of hungry bream.

A cast into the shallow water of the bank and allowed to drift and wash into the deeper gutter will get results

Ambush Areas

ambush area

Deep holes near structure can hold bream as they wait in ambush for smaller baitfish and crabs that may be washed out of their protective shelter.

Bream Fishing Tips

One of Australia's most heavily targeted recreational species, the humble bream has a fanatical following of dedicated fishermenbream closeup specifically targeting these feisty little  fighters. For all of the angling interest bream receive, they remain reasonably prolific in heavily populated areas even with their slow growth rates.

Bream are most commonly encountered in bays, estuaries and in the surf. They love natural snaggy area's such as rocky outcrops and closeup to fallen trees and are also abundant around man made structure such as jetties, piers, rock walls and harbours.

The DO's The DONT's
Have a range of baits as bream can be fussy at times with what they eat.

Fish as lightly as possible to present your baits or lure as naturally as possible.

Keep lights out of the water and fish as quietly as you can.

Don't be afraid to cast close in to tackle eating snags if you are in search of really big bream, snags are where they live.

Don't over burley, your aim is to excite the fish enough to come looking and strike, not feed them.

Don't forget your camera.

Preferred breamfishing tackle varies as wildly as the breams diet, with 1 to 2 kg braid being used to delicately place lightly weighted soft plastics in front of the fishesbeach caught bream nose to 10 kg mono used to skull drag animal breambos out of oyster encrusted snags before they get the chance to cut you off. Rods and reels need to be matched accordingly.

Baits for bream come in all shapes and sizes and often depend on the size fish you are targeting, with what techniques and where you are fishing. Everyone appears to have their favourite whether it be a cheese and bread pudding to befreshly caught 1kg bream floated under a jetty, yabbies, worms or pilchard strips flicked into the surf, hardiheads around rock walls, live herring in deeper water and around drop offs, to mini slabs of mullet tossed into the tackle eating jaws of a fallen trees' roots. All can be effective with some of the most consistent baits being yabbies, fresh and live prawns, and fresh cut baits.

Bream are predatory and in their usual territories encounter and eat small crabs, prawns and other crustaceans, assorted bait fish and shellfish such as oysters. Having said that they also fit easily into the scavenger role, rarely passing up on any easy tasty feed that might present itself. Burley trails set up for larger species regularly attract good sized bream coming in for a free feed, snapping up morsels of fish flesh, bread and chicken pellets. On these occasions an anglers patience can be tested as hungry bream smash larger than usual baits meant for other fish. Close to boat ramps under the noses of fishermen dumping old bait after returning from the days fishing can also be an attraction for the cunning bream.

The bream bite can range from a soft tap tap tap to a slow drag away or weight coming on to the rod, to a blinding smash and grab when they are feeling in the mood. Once they are hooked they give a great account of themselves on light line and many a fish has been lost to the fisherman that didn't apply the brakes soon enough to stop them reaching safety or locked up too hard only to have the line part.

Many people are hooked on catching bream from a young age and it is often the first species captured by the beginner that turns into a life long obsession of fishing for one of Australia's premier bread and butter catches.

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