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Big Bream in the snags

Ready to lose a lot of tackle? No? What if I said this is the BIG bream live? Maybe?

What about if I tell you this is where you will pull out up to 2kg bream with perseverance, a touch of luck and the correct approach? HOO YEAH!

What we need is the nastiest tackle eating country we can find. Barnacle encrusted oyster racks, eddy ridden rock and shallow reefy outcrops, and that all time favourite the shady mangrove edged bank with gnarled roots and fallen trees in the water.

This is where the big bream live long and prosper, because most fishermen aren't brave enough or maybe silly enough to cast into these areas to try and pull them out.

big bream territoryHang up those light 1 and 2kg outfits we need serious equipment for these bad boys. 4 kg to 6kg lines and up to 10kg of abrasion resistant trace are a must have, on a rod and reel combo heavy enough to turn these guys quickly. Even this won't be enough at times, but if you win them all where is the fun?

Bigger baits catch bigger fish in this case is spot on. Black crabs, herring, poddy mullet, prawns or cut mullet baits up 10cm long are what we need, and only live or very fresh will do.

Now here is something you need to remember, at around 2 kg a bream is 25 years old or more, so these fish have been there, done that and seen it all before. They have been listening and watching everything you do since you came into their area and are on guard. One thing you will quickly find out is these fish aren't easy and they have had a lot of practice in welcoming fishermen to a whole world of hurt. Don't be surprised if when you drag one of these fish out you find more hooks in it's mouth than what you are using.

Stealth is what is needed now, NO NOISE, plus you need to keep far enough away from your target area that the big bream thinks he is safe but close enough to place an accurate cast right in front of his nose.

You now take a deep breath and toss that bait half a metre away from the snags, this might be enough to entice one of the smaller fish out but you missed the target by half a metre. The really big fish live in the snag not near it.

Second cast catches a low hanging branch with the resulting break off dislodging an insect into the water right on top of the snag. Mr Bream flushes blue, a swirl and the water no longer contains any floating insects, he enjoyed the entrée and is waiting for the main course.

Third cast is a money shot, the splash and ripples have attracted the attention of a monster bream, you forget to breath but have enough sense to keep the slack out of the line barely allowing the bait to sink... she moves forward but hesitates as a smaller fish pounces catching you unaware.... you move quick enough to recover and load the rod up hard. He turns, comes out into more open water before making one last crazed dash back toward the safety of the snag. Too late, his valiant effort to get back home thwarted, he comes in begrudgingly, fighting all the way to the net.

Although smaller than the first fish to show, he still pulls the scales down at 1.8kg Missed by that much but still a nice bream. The other sighted bream looked half as big again, just how big was it?

Just remember these are very old fish at this size and big breeders at that. Catch and release is preferred but if you have to have a feed then limit yourself to 1 or 2 at most.

One fish and one lost hook isn't usual, 1 fish to 10 hooks is closer to the money but I didn't think anyone would really need a lesson in how to lose gear around an area like this. Cheers!

Catching 2 kg + Bream

Believe it or not 2kg plus fish are a lot more common than many people might want to believe, but the tactics required mean the majority of people will never come close to hooking, let alone landing one.

This kind of fishing is short, sharp and often ends in disappointment, but leaves you with some great stories of the big one that got away.

big snag


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