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Boat Ramps with downloadable GPS coordinates

Most people know where their local boat ramp is but have no idea if they encounter problems and have to head in where to find a closer ramp. While researching a long range fishing trip I started putting together a batch of boat ramps we could launch from in areas of interest. To say finding some of these ramps was difficult is a total understatement. In some places I just gave up as I realized that drought meant some ramps were 100's of metres from water while others were metres underwater during floods.

However I did put together enough where I only had to go a tad further to put together a big bunch that might save a lot of time and effort for some of our fishing mates readers.

Most of the boat ramps are more coastal and around slightly larger population centres, however there are a few isolated gems I was able to track down. I can't guarantee the locals call these ramps by the same name as I have given them as even official listings were at best vague. I have started with Queensland boat ramps and New South Wales boat ramps to start off with and as with everything on this site add more as I find the time.

I have put together two options for displaying the data. The first is via Google earth which gives a great visual display including street view which allows you to have a good look around the area if you choose. Secondly Garmin data which is pretty widely used and can be exported via MapSource to Google earth or to your Garmin GPS.

I know some of you might be getting fuzzy vision and a headache coming on thinking about battling with confuzzling software but these are easy as, honest. If you already have the programs, Google earth and/or MapSource then just a case of download the suggested file for that program, click it on your computer and it will start itself. If you need to download the programs follow the links and follow the prompts, not as easy but not too hard either.

We have put these pages and downloads together as a useful guide to use as a starting place to begin planning. None of these lists are complete nor are they official so we cannot guarantee they do not contain errors. Please confirm for yourself the position of any boat ramp you intend using and whether these boat launching sites are suitable for your needs.


If you need to download the Google earth program go here,

If you need to download the Mapsource program go here.

Boat Ramps

Queensland Boat Ramps

New South Wales Boat Ramps

NSW Boat Ramps continued

Boat Ramp Coordinates Downloads